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In Search of Excellence

Years ago Tom Peter’s wrote ‘In Search of Excellence’ – identifying eight principles that made up outstanding companies. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Search_of_Excellence for an opinionated review of this book. The book claimed to be evidence-based yet as the years went by the thesis was undermined as one – and another of these ‘excellent’ companies ran into trouble.

However, the first one of these principles was ‘A bias for action… doing something…anything!’ has always made sense to me. Re-reading this my guilty conscience must have been pricked. It’s been nine months now since I started to market my business using social networking: Yet, lthough either Paradoi – my consulting firm – or me personally is now a WordPress, Posterous, You Tube, LiveStation, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare or LinkedIn user, all lack substantial original content, and there is little alignment between any of those platforms and my business strategy. I don’t think procrastination is one of my problems – so what’s going on – and what experience can I pass on to my SME clients as a result?

I think that one cause may be the abundance of new products being launched. In that sense it’s nothing more than the ‘Boston Box’ experience. http://www.themanager.org/models/BostonBox.htm. Lot’s of question marks trying to become stars. Loads of new products and businesses. Which one do you choose? Which one will win? Yet that doesn’t seem to really explain the problem for me – because it isn’t as if this hasn’t happened for each of the last twenty years!

I think it’s about the privacy. Every time you join a social network you enter the unknown as far as where this information is going to end up. So I’ve found a tendency to be over controlling about what I put on the web. However, if I look at my efforts these last twelve months it’s a bit of a disaster. There’s lots of information about me and my business – but very little of it at a standard that I’d allow on a brochure that I published. Yet the reach of this material is potentially vast – and to be honest – I’m not sure that I’m stuck with it forever!

Well – today is a new day – and a new social media strategy beckons. I’m encouraged by a comment in the Jeff Jarvis book ‘What Would Google Do’ that in years to come we are all going to know so much about each other’s business that a more tolerant and forgiving attitude to each other will emerge. Let’s hope so.

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