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Figure Out the Changing IT Landscape by Checking Out High Tech Jobs

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I get very confused sometimes by the flood of ‘strategic’ information flowing down the Twitter ‘Fire Hose’.    When I need something to grab hold of – to get a better picture of what is actually happening – I’ve found it helpful to find out what sort of jobs are being created by the very fast moving companies in technology.

Recently I noticed a tweet on Mashable

Sorting through the wheat from the chaff – or to be fair – the best wheat from the wheat I settled on Shopkick.    As an Foursquare early adopter I’ve been curious about the way that location based social networking is going to play out.   I visualized coming to a training course or meet up and using Foursquare, Twitter or  Facebook  geotagging to improve the way that I use that space for networking.   It hasn’t happened yet in any big sense – but this feels like a real growth area.   Anyhow look at this ‘cool’ job description for Shopkick

Interaction Designer (mobile) for Shopkick

Shopkick is a young fast growing Silicon Valley-based company funded by apple (iFund), Kleiner Perkins’s (EA, google,, AOL) and Reid Hoffman, founder and Chairman of LinkedIn.

Shopkick has already partnered with Best Buy, Macy’s, American Eagle Kraft Foods and Procter & Gamble, Citi.

We provide full 360 marketing and interactive service work field (print, motion design, 3D, design objects, atl/btl communication: interactive (mobile web), guerrilla, social, viral etc.) and a award winning creative team (4 cannes lions, 2 emmys. Worked on CBS, coke, mtv, adidas, Vodafone, sony, pixar, mcdonald’s, Buena Vista, CBS, L’oreal, Wrigley’s). And a leading edge Tech and Business team.

Our service is set to intersection of mobile and physical world for shopping.

We’re looking for outstanding creative people that help shape this new brand and service with us to become shopkick the benchmark.

You will work from day one on the real stuff and see your work live within the first month guaranteed.

Education Requirements:

    • Design must be your passion not just your profession
    • Must have a background in street art or cartoon/illustration and enjoy new media
    • College degree in Visual/Graphic Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design and/or related field preferred
    • Must have solid understanding of application design for smart phones esp iphone and android devides.

Experience requirements:

    • Exceptional design talent and strong conceptual skills and proven ability to create graphics and designs that are leveraged across mobile, web, and other interactive platforms.
    • Must be wildly creative and obsessively meticulous.
    • Must understand user behaviour and its implications for design as well as marketing and business matters and how they can be addressed.
    • Proficiency using Photoshop, Illustrator, Print Layout Programs (InDesign, Quark…) are a must.
    • Experience developing creative work for interactive entertainment websites, mobile applications, interactive creative agencies, games.
    • Demonstrable mobile application design skills with ability to show relevant work.
    • Solid understanding of mobile technology.

Role & Responsibilities:

    • Design the hell out of our mobile application.
    • Help to develop our style guide find ever new solutions for marketing and user problems.
    • Help to develop the brand and service of shopkick.

Please provide your portfolio:

    • Demonstrates a passion for design and creative problem solving for interactive problems.
    • Show us stylistic bandwidth, attention to detail, and balances beauty, innovation and usability.

This is the kind of job that makes the difference between ‘old’ IT and digital media real for me.   Essentially a designer (perhaps) but with highly developed – and pretty uncommon IT skills.   We are going to need thousands of these people going forward.

I really got something from thinking about what this job was about.   It made the distinction between ‘old’ IT to the new world of digital media much more real for me.

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Haiti Earthquake Has Lessons

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Some from the heart comments were made at the beginning of the ‘Real Time’ Web segment at the recent DLD (Digital_Life_Design) Conference by industry pundit Jeff Plover.    I’ve written about the need to bear in mind current themes in order to get your value improvement strategy right.  In this case Jeff is talking about the speed at which things are changing – and he highlights this in a very straightforward – but passionate way by an anecdote about the Haiti earthquake.  It ends up being four minutes and thirty four seconds of highly condensed wisdom.   The story powerfully illustrates his conclusion that “we are living in this world where things are different”.   Keeping with the ‘disaster theme’ he went on to say that one of the great takeaways from 9/11 was “we need to communicate better”, that all of the different responders on that day Fire, Police, FBI, the Civil Authorities – were all on different frequencies.  They all wanted to help but that was frustrated by the communications problem.  “Now” he argued “everyone is on the same frequency” and in this circumstances “great change can happen”.

With a couple more examples to support his case – the way that Twitter can raise large amounts of money super fast, and how Finance needs to be more alert to the challenges of the Real Time Web -he ends up by saying something like:  “It was (the case) that our Internet experience  was going to search engines and asking questions, now with our voices amplified – we can stand up and change things now by sharing where we are.”

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Memorable Facts

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“Facebook, the mammoth social-networking site where 500 million people now spend 700 billion minutes a month”.

“As at June 2010 59% of Americans did some banking online

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