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Haiti Earthquake Has Lessons

Some from the heart comments were made at the beginning of the ‘Real Time’ Web segment at the recent DLD (Digital_Life_Design) Conference by industry pundit Jeff Plover.    I’ve written about the need to bear in mind current themes in order to get your value improvement strategy right.  In this case Jeff is talking about the speed at which things are changing – and he highlights this in a very straightforward – but passionate way by an anecdote about the Haiti earthquake.  It ends up being four minutes and thirty four seconds of highly condensed wisdom.   The story powerfully illustrates his conclusion that “we are living in this world where things are different”.   Keeping with the ‘disaster theme’ he went on to say that one of the great takeaways from 9/11 was “we need to communicate better”, that all of the different responders on that day Fire, Police, FBI, the Civil Authorities – were all on different frequencies.  They all wanted to help but that was frustrated by the communications problem.  “Now” he argued “everyone is on the same frequency” and in this circumstances “great change can happen”.

With a couple more examples to support his case – the way that Twitter can raise large amounts of money super fast, and how Finance needs to be more alert to the challenges of the Real Time Web -he ends up by saying something like:  “It was (the case) that our Internet experience  was going to search engines and asking questions, now with our voices amplified – we can stand up and change things now by sharing where we are.”

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